Green Bean Baby Food

The role of mung bean  1. Antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect, mung bean contains very high nutrients, some nutrients have antibacterial effect, it is also very beneficial to the human body, and can enhance the body's immune function. 2. It has anti-allergic effect and can inhibit diseases such as urticaria. 3. Hypolipidemic effect, the polysaccharide in mung bean can increase the activity of serum lipase, which is the effect of triglyceride hydrolysis to reduce blood lipid, thereby preventing and treating coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green base, builds a characteristic industrial chain, deepens the channel supply chain, vigorously develops export trade, and leads the development direction of the entire industry; adheres to green development, promotes the concept of health, and makes every effort to create national organic food Industry leading co…

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