Global Trade Online Limited

Global Trade Online Limited is specialized in providing world-wide import/export trade data and intelligence solutions. Those data are from official channels. Our service is very different from traditional business promotional platforms like B2B or trade exhibition. And now we are servicing for STX, Bayer, Itochu and some world top 500 enterprises. Our values in action 1. The Power of Honesty -- Integrity is the foundation of all we do. 2. The Power of Quality -- We set and achieve ambitious goals. 3. The Power of Working together -- We help each other succeed. 4. The Power of Responsibility -- We embrace our responsibilities. Our Advantage 1. Legal origin guarantee the integrity, continuity and fastest update speed of date. 2. Professional consultant provide the right solutions to different customers. 3. Our motto is "sincerity comes first", you will get what you see before buying. Feature of Global buyers Origin from wide scope -- It cover nearly 2 million high qu…
Address: Suzhou China
Date: 2015-12-29
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