NaOH Caustic Soda Flake

NaOH Caustic Soda Flake is a white semi transparent solid and basic chemical raw material. NaOH Caustic Soda Flake is widely used in light textile industries such as papermaking, synthetic detergents, soaps, viscose fibers, rayon, and cotton fabrics, as well as in the fields of pesticides, dyes, rubber, and chemical industries, petroleum drilling, refining of petroleum oils and tars, as well as national defense industry, mechanical industry, wood processing, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and urban construction.  NaOH Caustic Soda Flake is also used in the manufacturing of chemicals, paper, soap and detergents, rayon and cellophane, processing alumina to produce alumina, and is also used in the mercerization of textiles, water treatment, and so on. Product Description 1. Widely used in paper making, synthetic detergent, soup, adhesive fiber, artificial silk and cotton goods in light textile industry. 2. Pesticides, dye,…

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