SUNDY PVA BM-I(G-X1) For Soluble Film

SUNDY PVA BM-I(G-X1) For Soluble Film Instruction: 1. Dissolving method when used as a solution: ●Weighing: Weigh BM-I and water according to the prescribed dosage and solution concentration. ●Add the measured cold water with a temperature lower than 30℃ into the dissolving tank, and start stirring. ●Add BM-I to the dissolution tank. Feed as slowly as possible to prevent clumping. ● Fully stir for about 30 minutes to ensure that BM-I is dispersed and swelled as much as possible (the stirring speed should be just enough not to allow the solid to settle), so that the water can fully penetrate into the center of the particles. ● Gradually heat up to 75~85°C (the temperature should be raised slowly, about 30 minutes. If the temperature rises too fast, the bubbles will overflow, and the temperature should not be too high), and keep stirring for 60 minutes to completely dissolve the BM-I. ● cooling. The hot solution is cooled to normal temperature under stirring to obtain a…

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