Tert-butyl Hydroperoxide Industrial Un3109

CAS NO.:75-91-2 Tert-butyl Hydroperoxideis a hydroperoxide, in fact one of the most widely used in a variety of oxidation processes, for example the Halcon process.It is normally supplied as a 69–70% aqueous solution. Compared to hydrogen peroxide and organic peracids, tert-butyl hydroperoxide is less reactive and more soluble in organic solvents. Overall, it is renowned for the convenient handling properties of its solutions. Its solutions in organic solvents are highly stable. Industrially, tert-butyl hydroperoxide is used to prepare propylene oxide. In the Halcon process, molybdenum-based catalysts are used for the reaction. On a much smaller scale, tert-butyl hydroperoxide is used to produce some fine chemicals by the Sharpless epoxidation. TBHP Is a volatile, yellowish liquid ,it is alkyl hydroperoxide initator for polymerization of acrylic emulsion ,and wiedely used as raw material for organic peroxides synthesis.

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