Wood Coal Coconut Extruded Pellet Activated Carbon

Product Description: Pellet/Extruded activated carbon is made from strictly selected high-quality coal by using a series of processes such as grinding, mixture, extrusion, carbonization and steam activation. It features high mechanical strength and highly developed pore structure, regular form, uniform particle size, large specific surface area. It has the advantages of high adsorption velocity, low bed resistance, easy regeneration and durability. It can be widely used in gas-phase ,fluid-phase purification and adsorption, security protection and as catalyst carrier.   About this item 1. Efficient aquarium carbon. Clear cloudy , yellow water, suitable for fresh water and salt water fish tank both. Make your water crystal clear. 2.Protect environment. Bamboo grew very fast, 3-4 years is ok to cut. Our bamboo aquarium charcoal is made from mao bamboo, so it is more enviroment friendly than other wood charcoal. 3. Dust less. Our bamboo activated…

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